Saturday, 14 February 2015

Deerwalk Hikes- Once upon a time.

Hiking from Godamchour to Godawari

It is my pleasure to write the experience of such an awesome trip “Godamchour – Bisankhu Narayan Temple – Godavari ” on June 2, 2013. Our hike coordinator was Ishwor Sapkota.
It was my second chance experiencing hike with my fellow Deerwalkers. After taking some light snacks, our hike formally started from Godamchour. Godamchour is one of the VDCs of Lalitpur district situated west from Kathmandu city. After walking for half an hour we reached to Bisankhu Narayan Temple. The environment around the temple seemed really photogenic and we took full advantage of it snapping pictures. On the way, Surya, Aawart and Sumit became more active utilizing their skills on the camera as they clicked away.
Road became harder and smaller when we crossed the village area. After walking couple of hours we were at a vantage point from where we could see the serene greenery of Phulchoki. It was really gorgeous and unique. We enjoyed watching this god gifted natural jewel and captured them on our science gifted devices, the camera. The way to reach Godavari from that point on was really difficult, sloppy and narrow. It was full of leeches, earthworms, nettles and bushes.
Over all, this hike was really fantastic and I look forward to other hikes in the future.
Hike Detail

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Hiking from Gokarna to Budhanilkantha through Nag-kyi Gumba

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